This is too much money, too soon, to give to the politicians on the governing board of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District. Here is why, in our opinion, East County voters should VOTE NO on this tax increase.

EXPENSIVE – Through bond measures in 2002 and 2012, the District raised property taxes for East County property owners and would do so again through this measure. Unlike other school bond measures which maximize the value and return for taxpayers, interest and principal on these bonds will total over a BILLION DOLLARS that will be paid off by generations over the next thirty years with limited value and returns. This debt is PREMATURE and UNFAIR.

PREMATURE – The District has not yet completed all of the projects that were approved in its previous measure. It is now seeking funds to complete  new projects instead of making spending adjustments in other areas.  Let’s not add this EXPENSIVE and UNFAIR debt on the back of homeowners.

UNFAIR DEALS – The District went back on a promise to the San Diego County Taxpayers Association that it would not negotiate any deal that favored union construction workers over non-union workers. Language in this new measure also indicates plans to negotiate another agreement with union workers, which does not promote fair and open competition in the construction bidding process and could increase costs. The District’s Citizen Bond Oversight Committee advised against these types of unfair labor deals, but the politicians ignored their own oversight board.

PLEASE VOTE NO. This District should honor its past promises before it receives new money.

Haney Hong
San Diego County Taxpayers Association, President & CEO

George Hawkins
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Bond Oversight Committee, former member

Alex Galicia
Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year Winner

Randy Voepel
Mayor of Santee

Steve Babbitt
La Mesa-Spring Valley School Board


This is my personal story about how this bond, and the hidden deals behind it, harm me and my small business in East County.

My name is Mary Smith and I own Interpipe Contracting, Inc. We started in East County 31 years ago. We employ 36 people, most of whom live in East County. My daughters went to college in this District. We helped build the Health and Sciences Complex at Grossmont College and the Student Center at Cuyamaca College.

Despite our past success, and our commitment to pay prevailing wage and provide excellent benefits, this District wants to shut out my workers on this bond. Why? Because buried deep in the paperwork of this bond is a political deal to mandate a unionized workplace.

This political deal prevents my employees from working in their own community simply because they choose not to unionize. It’s not fair to discriminate against hard working qualified construction workers based on union status. If this type of discrimination spreads, we will be forced to lay off our local workers. Back-room political deals like this hurt local businesses and motivate industrious young people to leave California.

Please don’t endorse this type of discrimination with your vote. Send this bond back to the drawing board and tell these politicians to fix it to include all local workers. We all deserve the right to work in East County.

Please Vote No on Measure X.

Owner, Interpipe Contracting, Inc. Santee, California